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Your local servicing and repairs experts

Here at Northwest Plumbing Solutions we provide our boiler servicing and repairs services to customers across Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

As your local Gas Safe registered business we are fully equipped to both service and repair a wide range of different boiler brands & models. Our expert team of engineers understand the importance of keeping your boiler operational, especially during the winter months.

Gas Safe

You should never take the risk with gas and always ensure that your engineer is Gas Safe registered. This can be verified on the Gas Safe website.


Up to 12 years guarantee

As your local Worcester Bosch accredited installer, we are able to offer you up to 12 years guarantee on selected boiler models.

Competitive pricing

We actively research our local market to ensure that our pricing for all our services remains competitive in our local area.

New energy-efficient boiler

Why you should service your boiler every year

Your boiler needs a service every year, in the same way your car needs the same attention. It can be that either you don’t see the value in a boiler service or you forget to book this every year. If this is the case, then you can expect potential problems over time with your boiler at home.


Here at Northwest Plumbing Solutions we strongly advise all our customers to get an annual boiler service to keep people safe in your home, to protect your manufacturer guarantee, to prevent bigger and potentially more expensive problems from happening and to ensure that your boiler is operating efficiently.

Fast response to boiler breakdowns

When your boiler stops working, this normally is at a time that you least expect. Your priority is to get it fixed as quickly as possible as being without heating and hot water creates problems for everyone in your home. Here at Northwest Plumbing Solutions we prioritise all boiler breakdown emergencies to get your problem solved efficiently and professionally.


Our team have a wealth of experience in fault finding on a wide range of boiler brands and models. Our aim is to identify the problem quickly and replace the relevant parts to prevent the same problem occurring.

Proud to support our local community

We are proud to support our local community across Whitefield, Prestwich, Manchester, Bury and Salford. So from leaking taps to a complete upgrade on your heating system, the team at Northwest Plumbing Solutions are here to help. We have over 120 five star reviews on Google page and we are also registered with Trustpilot.a

What happens during a boiler service?


Visual Inspection

The engineer will visually inspect the boiler, clean and adjust components as necessary, look for any signs of damage, and identify any signs of distress that are immediately visible.


Operation & Control

Your boiler has a number of controls and safety devices that will be tested for correct operation. An engineer will check that all of the boiler functions are working correctly, should they be required.


Flue & combustion releases

The engineer will check the construction, termination and route of the flue (pipe from your boiler to the outside of your house). They will make sure there are no obstructions in the flue terminals and that the flue is safely fitted.


Clean the main boiler components

During a boiler service, the engineer will inspect and clean the main components in the boiler to ensure they are fit for purpose and have no noticeable defects. This will include the main burner, heat exchanger, flue ways, and ignition pins.


Checks, checks & more checks

There are lots of tests to tick off during a boiler service checklist inspection. These include:


  • Flame sense device and whether it operates correctly
  • Pilot burner and any cables and probes
  • High-limit thermostat 
  • Boiler operation
  • Provision of adequate ventilation
  • Flue effectiveness
  • Heating controls
  • Electrical wiring connections
  • Location of the boiler and nearby combustible materials
  • Gas and pressure flow 
  • Safety devices
  • Seals


Conduct a record

The engineer will undertake a series of tests and checks, making a record of each – this will include a record of the boiler pressure or heat input. As the homeowner, you’ll then be able to keep this information for future inspections or when problems arise.

Boiler breakdown emergency?